Gathering Together And Walking Happily

The wind in July is wrapped in a few rays of warm sunshine, bringing the breath of early summer. In order to enhance the understanding among employees, enhance the company’s cohesion and teamwork spirit, further promote the construction of corporate culture, and fully display the company’s “healthy, uplifting, warm and happy” team atmosphere, with the support of the company and the initiative of the trade union, on May 21, 2023, Shenzhen OECO Industrial Co., Ltd. launched a group building expansion activity with the theme of “gathering together and walking happily”, aiming at enriching employees’ spare time and establishing a relationship among employees.

At 8: 30 in the morning

We came to the entrance of the lobby of Xanadu Ecological Park one after another to gather and sign in, group and take photos, and then went to Tuzao District collectively, and the expansion activities officially kicked off. The three groups of people do their best, and the division of labor is clear. Some wash vegetables, some cut vegetables, some are responsible for cooking, and some people are responsible for washing pots. They are very busy with each other.

After more than two hours of “fighting”

Simple ingredients have become delicious dishes in everyone’s hands: spicy crayfish, stir-fried snails, cola chicken wings, boiled pork slices … all kinds of dishes, rich colors, full of fragrance and mouth-watering. It is precisely because everyone gives full play to their respective strengths and finds their own position that this series of delicacies can be presented in front of us. As the saying goes, a single filament does not make a line, and a single tree does not make a forest! Only a perfect team, in which everyone plays their respective roles, can achieve great things.

After a short break

The friends gathered on a green grass and carried out activities such as “You draw and guess”, “Numbers hold a group” and “Three people and two feet”. In these activities, everyone showed their youthful vitality, enhanced team cohesion and cooperation spirit, and let everyone experience the fun of communication and interaction.

Surround a world and make a furnace of fireworks. Bai Juyi once said: “There is a preference for tea in the light, and a cup of tea is more true.” In the early summer, it is a good year for several people to get together, sit around a pot of hot tea, taste tea and express poetry. Tea is China’s “national drink”. After the activity, we sat around the fire and cooked a cup of green tea, with sweet dates and peanuts. The fragrance of tea curled up, and the fireworks were dense, accompanied by the gurgling of tea. While learning the culture of tea ceremony, we were quiet, indifferent and happy, while savoring the taste of summer.

This group building activity not only relaxed the body and mind, relieved the pressure. But also improved the tacit understanding, cohesion and combat effectiveness of the big family of OECO. I believe that in the future work, employees will devote themselves to their posts with more full work enthusiasm and contribute every effort to the company’s high-quality performance.

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