Can silicone rubber burn in the air?

According to our experience, silicone rubber can burn but is not easy to burn. It will goes out when it leaves the flame. The flame is white and emits white smoke, with white residue and no special smell. This method can also identify true and false silicone.

The only flammable phenomenon of silicone rubber is when adding vulcanizing agent(a production process). Static electricity generated by constant friction between rubber and roller directly reacts with vulcanizing agent, which leads to ignition. To prevent such occurrences, we can lower the roller speed of the open mill or add vulcanizing agent in small doses step by step.

In addition, mixing silicone rubber can also be made into flame-retardant silicone rubber by adding additives, which can be made completely non-combustible even in the open flame state. At present, flame-retardant silicone rubber is mainly used in the production and manufacturing of industrial equipment.

In a word, the raw materials for mixing silicone rubber are not flammable.

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