Why my clear silicone products turn yellow over time?

Silicone products may turn yellow over time due to a process called oxidation. Organic groups attached to the silicon atoms break down and react with oxygen in the air, forming yellow or brown-colored compounds called carbonyl compounds. The formation of carbonyl compounds is a natural process that occurs over time. And exposure to heat, light, and other environmental factors accelerated it.

To alleviate discoloration of silicone products, there are several suggestion from OECO:

  1. Use high-quality raw materials: Using high-quality raw materials, such as pure silicone without impurities, can help to reduce the likelihood of discoloration.

  2. Use additives: Manufacturers can add stabilizers or antioxidants to the silicone polymer to reduce the likelihood of oxidation and discoloration.

  3.  Store finished products properly: Proper storage of finished products in a cool, dry place can help to prevent discoloration caused by exposure to heat and light.

  4. Perform quality control checks: Regular quality control checks during the manufacturing process can help to identify and address any issues that may contribute to discoloration.

By taking these steps, manufacturers can help to minimize discoloration in silicone products and ensure that their products meet high quality standards.

While the discoloration of silicone products is a natural process that occurs over time. It can be prevented or minimized by storing the products in a cool, dry place and avoiding exposure to heat, light, and chemicals. Regular cleaning and proper care can also help to prolong the life of silicone products and prevent discoloration.

silicone products turn yellow

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