Oil Spraying? Does This Have Any Effect?

Oil spraying is a process commonly used in the silicone industry to improve the surface properties of silicone products. This process involves the application of a fine mist of oil or lubricant onto the surface of a silicone product. This can provide benefits such as improved lubrication, release properties, and protection against damage.

But does oil spraying really have any effect on the performance and quality of silicone products? Let’s take a closer look its effects.


Oil spraying can help to reduce friction between the surface of the silicone goods and other materials or surfaces that they come into contact with. This can help to improve the performance and lifespan of the silicone goods, particularly in applications that involve frequent or high-speed movement.

Release properties

Oil spraying can also improve the release properties of silicone goods, making it easier to remove them from molds or other surfaces without damaging their shape or quality.


A protective barrier will be created on the surface of the goods, shielding them from damage or degradation caused by exposure to harsh environments, chemicals, or other factors. This can help to extend the lifespan of the silicone goods and improve their overall performance.


By providing a smooth and glossy surface finish, the appearance of silicone goods also will improve. Intend to be aesthetically pleasing or have a high-end appearance is particularly important for products.

We can add color to silicone products during the oil spraying process.


Oil spraying can help to prevent static electricity buildup on the surface of silicone goods by creating a thin film of oil that provides a barrier between the silicone and the surrounding surfaces. In addition, some types of oils or lubricants have inherent antistatic properties, which can further enhance their ability to prevent static electricity buildup on the surface of silicone goods.

Spraying make the surface more beautiful and feel softer.

All in all, oil spraying can have significant effects on the performance, quality, and appearance of silicone products. That’s why it is Important in the production process. If you wanna get more info, please feel free to consult with us.