How to keep dust from silicone pad during production?

Silicone pads are an essential component in the production of various goods, including baking, cooking, and medical supplies. However, silicone mat can accumulate dust, which can negatively impact their quality and performance. Can we do anything to reduce dust? Yes, there are few suggestions from OECO, let’s start!

Implement proper handling and storing procedures

Proper handling procedures can also help to minimize dust accumulation on silicone pads during production. This includes using clean gloves when handling the pads and ensuring that the pads are not placed on dirty or dusty surfaces. Additionally, tools and equipment should be cleaned thoroughly before and after use to prevent the transfer of dust particles onto the silicone pad.

Use dust repellent sprays

Dust repellent sprays can also be used to prevent dust from accumulating on silicone goods. These sprays create a protective barrier on the surface of the pad, making it more difficult for dust particles to settle.

Use antistatic glue

Antistatic glue can also be useful during production. Antistatic materials are designed to prevent the buildup of static electricity, which can attract and hold onto dust particles. When applied to the surface of silicone pads, antistatic glue can create a barrier that repels dust particles, reducing the amount of dust that accumulates on the surface of the pads.

However, these way may not completely eliminate dust accumulation, as dust particles can still settle on the surrounding surfaces. Therefore, they can be used to improve the dust resistance of silicone pads. It is still important to follow proper storage and handling practices to minimize dust accumulation. Please feel free to consult with us to ensure proper selection or get further details.