Why do people prefer to create a sample mold before customizing silicone products?

At times, our clients may request a sample mold. We may advise some clients to do so on certain projects as well. Then why should we open sample molds first when making silicone products? Here are some reasons.

  1. Cost-effective: The smaller size of the sample mold allows for reduced steel use, resulting in shorter processing time and lower costs.
  2. Confirm the product structure. Upon completion of the mold, customers may have additional requirements prior to mass production. We are able to modify the mold to meet their specific needs. After adjusting the mold, produce several test samples and submit them to the customer for approval.
  3. Minimize risks. If the mold for production is made directly, modifying it later to meet new customer requirements or to enhance design can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. At the same time, doing so may lead to quality problems, which will not pay off. Make a sample mold, and then make a production mold once after confirming that there is no problem, and the production can proceed smoothly.

Overall, making a sample mold before creating the final mold is not a bad step in the manufacturing process for silicone products. It allows manufacturers to test the design, material, and production process and identify any issues before creating the final product. This can help ensure the quality and efficiency of the manufacturing process and prevent costly mistakes. For further info, please feel free to let us know.