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Natural Rubber Bath Toys Silicone Waterfall Sensory Toy


Natural Rubber Bath Toys Silicone Waterfall Sensory Toy

MOQ is 300 pcs.
For customization or further info, please email us at sales@oecosi.com, or leave a message. The specific quotation will be sent to you within 24 hours.

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  • SENSORY – This toddler bath toys is the ultimate sensory experience in wall mounted toddler toys. Pour the water with a special silicone beaker and you can watch the water run through the many pipes. Play continuously with this bath toy and repeat the fun
  • SCIENTIFIC – This STEM-inspired bath toys for kids ages 4-8 is an advanced fun toys that makes your child feel like a true scientist. With test tubes, flasks & pipes to build in many different ways, this bathtub toy will inspire a world for your child
  • SECURE – This bath toys for toddlers uses high quality material and strong suction power for the shower wall. The silicone pipe set is easy to construct and the tubes connect & fit well so the kids get to play creatively with no frustration involved
  • SANITARY – This kids bath toys is great for bubble bath since it’s a mold free bath toys and the soft silicone material is a breeze to clean. The bonus mesh bag allows you to hang the items to drip and airdry overnight until it’s bath time again
  • SENSIBLE – This bath toys for toddlers 1-3 was made with every detail in mind, starting with no batteries needed because we know those toys don’t last long. Great as kids birthday gifts or enjoy this bath tub toy with your own child


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