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Measuring Cup 125 250 500 1000ML Silicone Bottle


125ml/50g US$0.95

250ml/89g US$1.45

500ml/170g US$2.69

1000ml/250g US$3.96

Easy to Clean: made of silicone, smooth surface, non-stick and flexible, easy to clean.

Suitable for measuring and mixing epoxy resin, acrylic paint, glue, various liquids.

Translucent Body Design: let you see the liquid inside more easily, the marked calibrations(ml/oz) on the outside of cups can make your measurements more accurate.

Wide Applications: perfect for measuring, mixing, molding, casting, jewelry making, stain, epoxy resin arts and crafts projects, lab education use, home decoration, etc.

Angled diversion port design: making the pouring easier and more accurate, prevent the liquid from remaining on the outer of the cup and always keep cups clean.

Measuring Cup 125 250 500 1000ML Silicone Bottle

Size:  125/250/500/1000ML
Weight:  Approx 50/89/170/250g
Color:  Transparent or customized
MOQ:  100pcs

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